More About Our Lakes

Clearwater (Burditt) Lake (our home lake)

  • 77′ at the deepest and approximately 12 miles long from end to end
  • excellent creel varieties of: walleye, northern pike, muskie, small and large mouth bass, and perch.
  • mechanical portages are at the south and north end of the lake, giving further access to bodies of water to explore
  • muskie hunters should head to the north end of the lake
  • the smallmouth bass will give you the fight of a lifetime 
  • map of Clearwater Lake

Pipestone Lake

  • a short ride over a mechanical portage and you are on one of the deepest lakes in the area
  • up to 275′ deep
  • great for trout, muskie, bass, walleye and northerns
  • many local people say that Pipestone holds the world record Muskie
  • inter-connected lakes accessible from Pipestone Lake: Weld, Slender, Schistose and Stonedam Lakes
  • map of Pipestone Lake

“South Lakes”

  • Manomin (Rice Lake), Despair, Footprint, Jackfish and West Jackfish Lakes can be accessed by taking the south mechanical portage.  They are shallower lakes, with darker water, and more weed growth which means more plentiful eating-size walleye, trophy bass and northerns. 
  • map of the South Lakes

Mechanical Portages

There is a mechanical portage at the north and south end of Clearwater Lake. Chuck and Cathy can provide you with up-to-date information about hours of operation and prices (as they change seasonally).

A boat crossing over at the North Portage

A boat approaching the South Portage

Curious to see how a mechanical portage works?

Pull through from Footprint to Jackfish Lake