You have come to the right place for incredible fishing. 

Our Lakes

Clearwater Lake is the midway point of a long chain of eleven connected lakes that offer unlimited fishing opportunities (about 70 miles from end to end). 

Both shores are always visible. Reefs are few and marked, and no navigational charts are needed on these waters. Several short walk-in portage lakes can add to your fishing adventure. 

If you’d like to arrange a fly-in fishing or outpost excursion, Chuck and Cathy are happy to make some recommendations for you.

Download your own maps of:
Clearwater (Burditt) Lake
Pipestone Lake
Manomin (Rice Lake), Despair, Footprint, Jackfish and West Jackfish Lake 

We also have maps available at camp.  

Learn more about the fish species, lake depths, and how to navigate the chain easily with mechanical portages, by checking out More About our Lakes…


There are many species to
keep things exciting:

  • walleye
  • lake trout
  • northern pike
  • small and largemouth bass
  • muskie
  • perch

Boat Rentals, Equipment, and Services


  • 17.6 ft. G3 boats are available for rental ($210 / per day or $1150 / weekly) with advance notice. Each comes with a 50 hp Yamaha, 4 stroke motor & depth finder). Boats are included for those with the Deluxe American Package.
  • fully equipped boats come with swivel seats, net, minnow bucket, and life jackets

Equipment & Services

  • docks and equipment are first class and well maintained
  • electrical outlets at the dock for your convenience
  • a clean fish house with ice (blocks and cubes), cleaning, wrapping and freezing facilities (free to our guests) 
  • guide services available (please pre-book in advance)
  • a map for you of the entire lake system

Bring your Own

If you plan on fishing, bring along your own fishing rod and tackle.  You’re welcome to bring your own boat.  We have a boat launch and dockage free of charge for our guests.  


If you are coming from the United States, you can not bring live bait across the border into Ontario (which means no minnows, smelts, leeches, night crawlers or any other bait fish).

In International Falls, Minnesota, you can find a wide selection of artificial bait at the Outdoorsman’s Headquarters.   Live bait is also available in Fort Frances at Rainy Lake Sports or Westside Bait & Tackle.  Sportsman’s Landing on Clearwater Lake (within walking distance of the camp), also sells minnows, leeches, and worms.

Fishing Licenses

To fish in Canadian waters, you will need a fishing license.  

All non-residents of Canada will need a current non-resident sports fishing licence and a non-resident Outdoors Card.  Buy your fishing license and outdoors card online.

If you have someone with you under the age of 18, they can fish without a license if they’re with a licensed family member.  Any fish caught are then a part of the limit of the person with the license.  

Canadian residents also need a fishing license and a current resident Outdoors card.

Catch and Release

We are fortunate to have incredible fishing.  Responsible fishing and catch and release practices have made this possible.  To sustain our lakes with this valuable resource, True North asks that our guests release all:

  • walleye 18” and over, retain under 18”
    for eating
  • muskie
  • northern pike over 27”
  • bass over 13”
  • trout over 22”

The above practices sustain and enhance our creel / fish resources, indefinitely.  

If you’d like to mount a big catch, we would recommend that you take a picture, measure the length and girth, and then quickly release your fish.  With your picture and measurements, you can have a graphite reproduction created at a comparable price and with a much higher quality finished mount.  The beauty of this, the fish is still in the water luring you back for another go.